Our School Ethos

All children have the right to be educated by an expert with knowledge and training in childhood development. This right will be respected, protected, and fulfilled by our staff members, in a safe, caring, empathetic Christian environment.

Our Vision

At Dalpark Independent Educational Centre, with the help of Almighty God, and founded on Christian values, with the emphasis on kindness, empathy, and integrity, we will educate all our learners in a holistic environment. The framework of our approach supports each learner’s personal growth and promotes their emotional, educational, social, cultural, and sporting development.

Our mission

In a physically and emotionally safe environment, undergirded by kindness and empathy, DIEC prepares its learners for the future.

The Basis of Our Approach to Education and Development of Our Learners

We are proudly independent…….

This defines both our school and our unique approach to education and emotional development.

We provide child-centric education catering for every child’s individual development needs.

We walk……

Defining the pride with which we carry ourselves, wear our uniforms and cherish our school.

This inculcates a culture of excellence and success

We talk……….

Defining what we say and the respect we show when we talk to all staff, peers, and outsiders.

Educating our learners with a sense of spiritual awareness and academic development, as well as moral, physical and social values.

We do it the independent way…….

In defining our moral standing, values, and integrity

In developing each child to their full potential through promoting kindness, integrity, respect, honesty, dignity, pride, commitment, and a desire for knowledge.

All facilitated by qualified educators……who are continuously striving to improve the quality of their own teaching.