We follow the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy, issued by the Department of Education, (known as the CAPS document) as a framework to our very eclectic pedagogy. 

We concentrate on the whole child development that includes “thinking for one’s self” by encouraging Critical thinking.

We further strive to focus on; Collaboration – which encourages working together; Creativityin order to be able to think and see things outside the box, and Communication – which is important to bring things together.  

We also espouse traditional values of Consideration, respect, empathy and responsibility.

Our Future Education and Training (FET) college section is in partnership with an online network group, allowing us to provide Independent Education Board (IEB) based education, extended subject choice, and utilization of most up to date teaching technology and pedagogy. 

The advantage of the online system, besides no interruption in this challenging time for education, is that it provides a more easily understood transition to tertiary education, and thus essential motivation.