Ms S Titus

About Me

I grew up in a small community where interacting with children through my ministry as a Sunday school teacher and youth leader had a huge impact on my love for children. I started my journey at Dalpark Private in 2014 as an Afrikaans teacher and I am continuing my journey as part of the senior phase teachers. DPS has given me the platform to not only teach but to share interesting stories with the learners and to build their confidence through dancing.
The love I have received from the learners at DPS has been amazing, the diversity among them and the incomparable personalities makes the classroom a very interesting place.


Ms M Heath

About Me

Something I always teach my learners is to never give up and to be the change they wish to see in the world. Teaching is not only about learning but inspiring a learner to have a desire to learn.
What we do daily, should make a difference in each learner’s life. I also believe as a teacher that sport and culture participation is needed and encourage for a learner to develop self confidence inside and outside of the classroom.
As a teacher, inside the classroom or next to the sport field, I lead my learners by heart, kindness, and support for them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


Ms J Koen

About Me

Becoming a teacher has been the greatest source of joy in my life. I wake up every day knowing that I will teach someone something and be taught something by one of my students or colleagues. I became a teacher in 2015. Thinking back on the first time I walked into a class full of teenagers makes me giddy because I was honestly terrified! Years have since passed and I have learned so much. I have learned that getting to know my students personally is the only way to reach them academically. I learned that not all students learn the same way and lastly, learning takes place outside of our comfort zones. I live to teach everyday and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that I have found my calling.


Mr T Muller

About Me

My passion for teaching started at an early age. Having a High School English teacher as a mother, I was forced to sit through a variety of matric literature classes after my school hours had ended. During which, I was inspired by her novel teaching methodologies and techniques. I was transported to amazing places in my imagination, whether I was duelling with monarchs or witnessing the ghosts of Shakespearean literature. She took something that had a reputation of being monotonous and irrelevant and with great skill, crafted it into something which captured the imaginations of her students. In High School I chose subjects such as life science and physical science as I have always been intrigued by the inner workings of the universe. After I matriculated, I attended the University of Pretoria where I studied a Bachelor of Science as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. My academic journey then took me to the University of South Africa where I achieved my Honours in Sociology and decided to obtain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I have been a high school Physical Science and Life Science educator for six years and have not looked back since. My goal is to provide lessons which spark the same passion for the sciences in my students as I have. I strive to provide lessons which are interactive and engaging, in a manner which is relevant to the youth which have many technological advancements at their disposal. Which when used in a productive manner, can be a powerful tool for learning.


Ms T Ings

About Me

If someone went back and told the extremely shy 18-year-old me that I would be teaching a room full of students in the future. I would have never believed it!
However, that all changed the day I stepped into a classroom. Hearing the words “Thank you ma’am, I finally understand” definitely gave me a different level of confidence.

Every day, I aspire to make a difference in their lives the same way that they have made a difference in mine.