Mrs R Gounder

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My journey with the DPS family started in 2010 as a parent when my son started grade 1. In 2014 I was employed as the aftercare teacher as well as a substitute teacher. In 2015 I then became employed as one of the teaching staff and throughout those years I have taught the following subjects- Life Orientation for Grade 4-7; Arts and Culture for grade 4-6; Creative Arts grade 7; SS for Grade 4-5; as well as NS for Grade 4.
It is 8 years since I have been a part of the DPS family and I believe our school’s motto “Growth through knowledge” is a true embodiment of my experience here. My children’s primary education started here, and I am extremely proud of their achievements and the way that they carry themselves today. Dalpark Private School has taught me so many new skills. I have seen many learners become successful and motivated young adults, in their journey through this school and I hope to see many more learners achieve this in their lives.


Mrs J Phakwago

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When I changed my career from media studies and journalism to teaching, I was asked why teaching? My response was that I don’t just want to become a teacher but I want to be a life coach, dream instiller, confidant, mediator, motivator, and cheerleader. I teach social science grades 4-7. For me, teaching is love in its purest form. The bright side is that there is never a dull moment with my kids. I call them my kids because in our year together they are not just learners on my class list, but they become the best part of my life. We share laughter, tears, the good, the bad, and the ups and the downs of the year’s journey. I am Mrs. Phakwago


Mrs H Heath

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Ms K Magale

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From an early age, I always loved being around children, less did I know that one day I will be a teacher. I was born to be a leader, back in Grade 7 I was chosen as a chairperson and at the age of 15, I was a Sunday school junior teacher. I am a teacher because I am passionate about working with children, love sharing my knowledge with other people, am confident, friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Being part of the DPS family has been a phenomenal and excellent experience. I am grateful for the opportunity that I am offered. As an English teacher and Reading Therapist, I have seen the children falling in love with reading and improving their writing and communication skills, more than anything, the children at DPS always brighten my days.


Mrs C Viljoen

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Mrs K Pillay

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I am a Mathematics teacher in the Intermediate Phase at Dalpark Private School. I am dedicated and passionate about bringing out the best in our children. I am a firm believer that the holistic development of a child allows for the greatest achievement. My experience in SA and the UAE has been helpful with developing plans for learners with different strengths and abilities. My approach is to help learners develop a love for Mathematics through the use of real life and relevant situations.


Ms S Zitha

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I joined the DPS family as an intern from ISASA through a programme called Maths, English and Science. The initial plan was to get exposure to the learning and teaching world, however I fell in love with the diverse culture of the school I ended up staying. I love working with children which is why I ended up being a teacher. Another reason why I chose teaching out of so many options is that I wanted to correct some of the mistakes that I experienced through some of my teachers. I am very thankful to the DPS family for allowing me to be myself and do what I love, which is teaching Mathematics.  


Ms S Naina

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