Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our school has been teaching on-line for the past 4 months. We have built up an amazing amount of experience as well as good contents.

One of the wonderful facts regarding resilience that has emerged is how many children enjoy learning on-line. They are comfortable in their own space and disciplined enough to take on the task of learning with help for experienced teachers in their “Offices”.

Another major factor is that this pandemic may be with us for a while and there are parents who feel that on-line teaching is better for their peace of mind and more convenient.

For these two and many more factors, the Board of Directors of the DIEC have voted unanimously that the school is now potentially ready to go completely on-line for parents wishing to move forward with this option.

We are hoping to have all registrations, preparations and lessons ready for 2021. Our thoughts are to open up with the College as that is the area of great need, therefore starting with grade 7 to matric. Our target group is for all young people. This will also enable physically challenged learners to enrol for formal education.

We are currently investigating the option of introducing this platform to our very young people in grade R.