Mrs M Young

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My love for teaching was re-kindled the moment I walked through the doors at Dalpark Private School. Mrs. Broderick had phoned me for an interview as she said that my CV (which I had sent in months previously) kept on appearing on her desk and calling to her!
Due to my many years of teaching various grades, Mrs. Broderick was not a hundred percent sure of exactly where to place me in the school. My background in Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, High School, Remedial Teaching, Gifted Education, and Special Needs has made me flexible.
Mrs. Broderick and I both share a love for little ones and, this, I think was the deciding factor. She asked me if I would begin my time at Dalpark Private School by assessing the Grade R’s for school readiness. That was right up my alley and I accepted with enthusiasm.
I believe that the last 30+ years of being an educator in various roles and a school owner have prepared me for this teaching position. Facilitating in the foundation phase is an honour and a blessing. Not only do I love this age group, but I get to see phenomenal progress like no other grade does. The foundation phase is the formative years and sets the tone for each individual’s future education. I, therefore, take my position very seriously knowing that it is a huge responsibility to prepare learners for their future learning. No house can withstand a storm if it is built on a shaky foundation. No child can flourish if he has not been given the correct building blocks for his future.


Mrs V Chetty - HOD

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Having taught, for almost, 20 ears in the Public schools, I decided to take a break and spend some time rediscovering my joy.
I came to Dalpark Private as a substitute for the teachers writing exams I soon discovered an environment very different, to the public sector.
I discovered an atmosphere that, not, only nurtured but also encouraged both learners and staff creativity.

It was easy to agree to be part of this nurturing and caring family.
I have been privileged to witness and be a part of the growth the school has gone through especially during the COVID period when this school was one of the few to continue with learners education. I am proud to say I have learned many new skills which I can apply to my teaching.


Mrs R Van Heerden

About Me

I’ve been part of the Foundation Phase team since 2010.
I guess the Lord meant for me to be at DPS because never before did I feel part of a family like I do at Dalpark Private School. 
Our aim is to serve, develop, push and steer our learners to their full potential. We busy ourselves with improving on our prep and teaching methods so that our learners can benefit.  But few things in life are as rewarding as when a learner experiences a breakthrough in learning. It truly is an amazing feeling!


Mrs M Chikukwa

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Growing up as little girl my father was a principal. Raised and taught by a principal, I was already bound to be a teacher! Me wanting to be a teacher was not just because my father was a principal, no. While other children of my age dreamt of becoming Superhero’s and saving the world, I myself dreamt of becoming a teacher! In 2015 Dalpark Private School made my childhood dreams come true. Mathematics as a subject is seen as “the villain” but I have made it my job to save children from falling into the traps of Maths. I love teaching children mathematics as I know it is a subject that we all struggle with and together here at Dalpark Private School we can defeat this villain so called “Maths”. My grade 2’s and 3’s call me “The Queen of Maths” and as the Queen of Maths I make sure my Princes and Princesses of Maths become the Kings and Queens of Maths. With a lot of support from Dalpark Private School I am the hero that children of nowadays dream about.


Ms M Van Wyk

About Me

As a little girl, I always had this dream of being a teacher. I loved to explain things, write on the board and also mark books. It is now my passion to help learners develop, grow and build their self-esteem. I am truly blessed to be a part of the Dalpark Private family. My days normally start with “Goeie more Juffrou” and when the learners speak Afrikaans, understand the work or say their rhymes I can see the excitement on their faces. I know that I am achieving my goal for each day. My life would be empty without all the smiles, hugs and friendly faces.



Mrs A Viljoen

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Ms E Tsitsikronis

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